Larry King Live: Your Show on Autism:
(Sent to Larry King)

Dear Larry: What I noticed on your show about autism repeated this evening, Larry, was folks talking and arguing like we have witnessed for over 30 years. And while people often maintain a level of either dogmatism or confusion or discontent (or all of the above), we (and our staff) have been working successfully with children with autism in a program we originated called The Son-Rise Program. My wife, Samahria, and I created a loving and highly respectful model to join a child’s world first, as we did years ago with our once-severly autistic son — crossing the bridge into his world so he could take our hand and cross the bridge back to ours (he graduated an Ivy Leagure university). Bearing absolutly no traces of his original condition, he is now CEO (and a senior teacher) of the Autism Treatment Center of America in Sheffield, MA (an organization we created over 27 years ago).

I have written many books, one which became an NBC-TV Network movie — the book, Son-Rise, The Miracle Continues (which details the original nourney with our son and also with other families) has become a beacon for families with autistic children worldwide…and our center for training parents and helping their children with autism has provided programs for thousands of people from over 78 countries. We don’t ask the question: can autism be cured? We help parents do it.

There is a famous Chinese proverb: “The people who say it can’t be done shouldn’t interrupt the people who are doing it.”

Most sincerely, Barry Neil Kaufman,

Co-Founder/Co-Director, Autism Treatment Center of America.,