I do not have an autistic child, nor run a Son-Rise program; but I have had the opportunity and extreme pleasure to support all areas of the Autism Treatment Center through my job, and to volunteer in a unique way in Jade’s Son-Rise program during the 11 years working at the ATCA. My message to you is that you can ALWAYS find a way to support a Son-Rise program! If you don’t feel your passion is to directly work with an autistic child – there are so many other ways to help a family with their program, as I found out for myself. You can go grocery shopping (all types of errands) for a Mom while she is in the playroom and/or cook a meal for the family; you can babysit other siblings so all family members can go to the group meetings; you can help create volunteer schedules; you can help research the latest nutrition break-throughs for autistic children; you can spread the word to your kid-loving friends that might want to volunteer in a SR program; you can walk the dog – you see where I am going with this – support comes in many ways, and the indirect ways are very helpful to anyone running a Son-Rise program!

Also – if you are the one running a Son-Rise program – don’t hesitate to ask your friends to help in some of the ways I have mentioned above – I wouldn’t have thought I could help in a program until the Mom asked me if I wanted to be part of it – score!