My journey finding The Son-Rise Program all started when I was in college in England. I was undertaking an Access Course which would allow me to do a university degree as a mature student and go on to study teaching.

I got some experience in a classroom working as a teaching aid but during my mornings there, I was feeling despondent. I didnt feel like I achieved much due to the fact that there were many children that needed my help with the task they were doing and not enough of me to go around and help them all in the way that I wanted to.

At that point I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be incredible to be able to work with just one child at a time, to dedicate all my attention onto that one person and support them in their individual area of challenge.

I knew I wanted to work one to one with children and the only way I knew how was tutoring or working with children with special needs and possibly autism support so the next step, was to get experience working in a one to one environment.