While looking for Autism Training with children with special needs one day, I happened to open the local newspaper and saw a tiny advertisement. It said “Imaginative volunteers needed to play with Autistic child”.

This appealed to me because I definitely wanted to use my imagination when working with children and the school teachers that I knew were very restricted in the way they were able to teach due to very sctrict rules around sticking to the curriculum.

The other part that struck me was that it said “play” and that sounded more stimulating to me than teaching ever had. This could be the perfect opportunity and so I called the number.

I found out that his parents were working with him using The Son-Rise Program, which they were doing in their home.

This was sounding better and better. Not only was it one to one but I was going to be trained by his parents, what better recourse was there to a special child than his own parents? So I went to meet him.

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