We have just finished teaching a Son-Rise Program advanced training, Maximum Impact, and as always it was a great week. I love these programs, being with parents and volunteers who are so excited to grow and change themselves, seeking to be the best of who they are so they can profoundly help their children. I must say that as they learn, so do I (a benefit of doing what I do, I feel I have one of the best jobs on the planet). In this program I reaffirmed the idea that who we are is because of the choices we have made and continue to make. This is empowering, that who am and how I show up to my life is completely in my hands. I want to be a more grateful and celebratory person, yet if I do not stop and make the choice to appreciate or feel good about another person or myself or an event, etc. then I will never grow that part of myself. I have to be willing to stop what I am doing, to let it go, so that I can take a moment to choose to feel good about something that I value in my life. So, each day I am now stopping to do exactly this, to feel grateful about something in my life.