FROM KATRINA: Hello my lovelies,
This week in the playroom, I was gifted with another imprint of love (it took my fellow staff members and I a few moments to come up with this name – thanks Brandi and Carolina). An imprint of love is what I call a tangible mark left by a scratch, pinch, hit, object being thrown, etc. by a child in the playroom. I call it an imprint of love because no matter what is happening I will always love that child. When I look at that bruise or scar I remember how wonderful that feeling of love is, and how lucky I am to be able to experience the moment through love instead of fear, frustration or anger. I actually enjoy these little reminders.
It’s easy and fun to love a child when they are smiling,laughing, and giving you hugs, and I believe it is just as easy to love a child when they are hitting or pinching. I am giving that child such a gift to be able to be with them and love them even in those more intense moments. What is even more wonderful is that the more calm and loving I remain, the easier it is for the child to work through their intensity. I trust that I can take care of my self and help that child use a more effective way to communicate, show their excitement, or get sensory input.

I hope this term (imprint of love)can put a smile on your face as well!

Love to you all,

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