FROM SIMONE – Since 2006 I have established a habit that would change my life. As I had enjoyed myself so much attending the Son-Rise Programs in the U.K. in 2005 I decided to volunteer to help out at the Programs in 2006 and I have done so ever since as I just can’t get enough of the buzz it is being in a room with over a hundred Son-Rise Parents!

Son-Rise Parents rock! They are full of 3E’s, Energy, Excitement and Enthusiasm, they have made happiness a priority in their lives, they were bold to tell the establishment they were going to do it differently, because their child and family happiness came first. Can you imagine what happens when over a hundred people like this come together in a room?

I call the Programs I have volunteered in “my Son-Rise playroom” as I have gradually learnt in them how to deal with social situations with the comfort of knowing I am being loved and respected for who I am, but I am also being challenged to grow. The love and desire to help other Parents to learn this incredible Program, which has helped my son so much, has helped me become a sociable person and overcome my former Asperger’s issues.

People always say that we volunteers give so much, our time, the whole week, etc, but it is us really who really gain from sharing the company of such extraordinary people. I truly believe love and 3E’s, Energy, Excitement and Enthusiasm can help our children overcome autism because it has helped me! 5 days to go, can’t wait!