From Kate Wilde:

Over the last 20 years I have worked many thousands of hours with children of all ages and diagnosis using The Son-Rise Program. One of  the biggest things these children have taught me is to never give up. To be persistent! I remember that it took two years for a wonderful girl with autism to start to become flexible and let me play with some of her most favorite ism toys. It took two years and approximately 760 hours of my playroom time. Altogether we worked with this little girl for 5 years in her Son-Rise Program, today she attends full time main stream school, has friends and is recovered from autism. Where would she be today if we had given up?

In order for us to be persistent we must hold the following underlying beliefs:

  • Our children are capable of anything.
  • It is possible for them to change and grow.
  • Asking them to do so is one of the greatest gifts I can offer them. 
  •  If they do not do what I ask them in one moment it means nothing about their ability to do it in another.
  • I enjoy asking my child to change even if they do not.
Have fun being persistent and asking your child to grow.