Myths about Autism

I have heard many myths about autism over the years and one of those myths is that people on the Autitm Spectrum don’t have a sense of humor. Click on the title of this post and watch an


Suspending Disbelief

Suspending your disbelief works not only for when you are watching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince but also when working with your autistic child. With Harry Potter we do so to enjoy it to


What buttons?

As I am reflecting on my week in the playroom with a child who likes to button push I am reminded of another child we once had in the Son Rise progam intensive. This little girl also would try to


Jumping In

Hello!I have noticed about myself two ways in which I change or decide to change. 1. I decide to change and then jump into the new me without any doubt or hesitation.2. I know what I want to