Language and Interaction

When we have a child who is on the Autism Spectrum who does not yet form words, (in a way that we can understand them), it is easy to think if only he could talk then all will fall into place, or


Carly’s Voice

Click on the title to see this amazing video clip. It features Carly who is on the Autism Spectrum typing about her experience. Carly doesn’t speak verbally but this clip proves that there


Learning Czech

Next week, we have a Czech family coming to our week long Intensive Program. I am completely inspired by this family. They are packing up their life and going on a long journey to a far away


Belief and Hope

Wow.Click on the title of this blogg to see the video. This video has inspired me so much! Every time I do something that is difficult for myself and have the urge to give up trying, I think of