Good Morning!

In the Son-Rise Program accepting autistic children where they are in their development plays an integral part in helping and encouraging them to want to reach out and communicate and interact with those around them.

It is also one of the most important things we can do for ourselves, not just when we work with our children but at all times.

Last night I was at my yoga class, I just started doing yoga about 5 weeks ago, so I am still fairly new at it, and as I am not physically talented it has been quite a process for me. I was doing a balancing pose that has a very long and complicated Indian name that I cannot recall right now, but it has 4 steps to it, I have only been doing the first step. I was in class with two other people who are very advanced, so as I was doing the first step to the balancing pose, I said to myself, “Ok Kate its time you moved on and go to step two”, to which I added the extra push of judgment, “I should be doing better by now”. The second I had that thought I fell over. Continuing to try and motivate myself through judgment I attempted to do the pose again, this time I fell over the second I attempted it, I continued in this vein 4 more times, until I stopped and addressed my attitude.

I breathed and applied what I know works so well with all the children I work with on the Autism Spectrum, I thought sincerely to myself, “It’s ok to be where I am, I love being at step one, it is where I am right now and that is fabulous”. I thought this with great sincerity and I immediately I felt my body relax and I regained the pose and never feel over again!

I have come to the same realization many times in my life as if for the first time, again in class last night I had the same light bulb moment,

“Its all about my attitude!!”

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