This morning I was watching one of our amazing staff, Son-Rise Program Child facilitator, Camila Titone, playing with a 6 year old boy called Andrew….and what a charmer Andrew is.

As I watched her leap around the room spreading joy as she said the word jump many times, I noticed that I myself was getting very excited. Often times when I watch a playroom session I am hard pressed to leave as I am always wanting to see what’s going to happen next, will Andrew say the word, will he not? not attached to either outcome just excited to see the process unfolding before me, believing in all possibilities.

This time however I was also aware of becoming excited about the word “jump” itself.
As I can already say this word and have heard it a million times or more, and was not eager to jump myself at that particular moment, I became intrigued as to why I had this growing desire myself to say the word.

On reflection it was because Camila was so excited herself about this word. Not about getting Andrew to say it, although I am sure she would have been delighted, but she emanated excitement every time she said it. She sang it, she whispered it, she mouthed it, spoke it in a low tone, a high tone, she even giggled as she said it. Each time she said the word Andrew would give just a tiny tiny smile.

I wanted to say it simply because Camila’s excitement about the word was infectious.

If we want our children to talk, get excited about your talking.

See the beauty in each word you say to your child.
Have fun talking to your child!
P.S. Andrew did day the word jump, in its entirety as well as many approximations of the word.

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