Embracing Change

Everything is changing, this you probably know. Now, for some things, we like to think it just happens to other people, they are changing and we are not. Yet life is really good at gently or not so gently reminding us that change happens to us all. Take for instance our physical body, I play soccer in an over 40s league and during the winter we practice indoors, the game is fast moving and lots of fun. When I am playing I am focused, running with the ball, tackling, defending and scoring a goal or two. My body is mine to control and put wherever I want it to go! The next day is another matter all together, my muscles ache, my toe hurts, my knee joints are stiff, it hurts to walk up the stairs etc. It is at this time I am acutely aware that my body is changing too, when I was in my 20s I did not feel any of what I am feeling now or for as long (sometimes I can feel sore for up to 3 days after practice!!). It is humbling and yet if there is one thing I have learned in using the Son-Rise Program, personally and as a teacher, it is that I get to choose how to greet and be with whatever comes into my life, from the small opportunities, like having to get rid of ants in the kitchen, to the big, like having a daughter with autism. I am not sure where a body that is changing (aging) fits in, whether it is a small, big or somewhere in between opportunity, but never the less it is a changing part of my world that I will endeavor to be relaxed with and ultimately enjoy.

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  1. Thank you William I woke up with sciatic pain that I didn't have on my twenties! and it was a great reminder of embracing my aches and pains as an opportunity, if I didn't have pain I would be probably busy working instead of reading this blog. Thanks again x

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