Good Morning!
Yesterday an “Autism Expert” from England visited us at The Autism Treatment Center of America. She is responsible for the education of Autistic children in the school system in a region of England. She was a lovely, open, knowledgeable and dedicated lady.

She was on vacation in Vermont with her husband celebrating their 40 wedding anniversary. She said that she had followed our work for many years, and had heard many criticisms of it and wanted to come to see for herself, so she thought that this was a perfect opportunity to hear it, “from the horses mouth” so to speak.

We had a wonderful time together, exchanging ideas, she watched one of our facilitators working in the playroom with a child, she toured our property and we discussed the principles and techniques of the Son-Rise Program.

At the end of our time together she said that she wished more people would come and see how amazing, thorough, sensible and inspiring our work really is. We exchanged telephone numbers to continue to be in touch, and share our work with one another.

I too wish that people would come and see our work for themselves instead of making up their minds about who we are without having any first hand contact with us, or even reading any of our materials, or watching our webinars on our website.

So this is an open invitation to all you wonderful special needs professionals, to come and learn first hand what our work is about.

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