Meaningful Hope For A New Son-Rise Mom:

I just wrote this to a Son-Rise Program mom on my Facebook wall (check it out if you haven’t viewed it). She had written a sweet note to me.

Hi, Amazing Rosemary: There are many who feel it is appropriate, even prudent, to look at a child and say they’ll never really improve or overcome their challenges. For those same folks, it seem unreasonable to look at the same child and believe (truly believe) anything is possible. Pessimism appears professional, while have hope and encouraging hope seem irresponsible. However, it is only those folks who believe that anything is possible who will try to reach for the stars. Realistic people often repeat what is (what’s realistic to do or think — which is always based on the past, not the possible future); dreamers create new worlds (airplanes, microwaves, computers, space flights, Google, etc.). You be the dreamer (and then the do-er) for your family and your children. Blessings to you and your husband. Autism is not a curse; it can be a blessing but only for those who choose that viewpoint. That’s what The Son-Rise Program is about. Love, Bears Kaufman

PS: I am also suggesting for everyone who knows and loves this program to put links to on their website, Facebook pages, everywhere. Also, mention The Son-Rise Program, even some of the books with pictures and links. The more we talk about this, the more people will learn about possibilities they may have never consider for their children with autism and for themselves

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