The Power of Being Silly

There is something about this sweet little video that felt so good to my heart.

I love knowing that there are people in the world who believe in random acts of silliness. The impact of our love and silliness on those around us is such a profound and beautiful gift. When we are willing to share our joy – fully, without editing ourselves or holding anything back – we encourage others to do the same. And the effect is endless. You impact one person, he impacts another, she impacts another and another and another… And within no time the silliness and joy can be seen everywhere you look. Worldwide happiness is dependent only on enough of us being willing to BEGIN.

Every day with our children with autism we are given an opportunity: we can hold back and spend our time worrying about the future – or we can decide to enjoy ourselves in this moment RIGHT NOW. Try it today – choose happiness and joy and see just how much silliness and laughter you receive in return.

2 Responses

  1. annemieke says:

    haha, i loved your video, why wasn’t it in amsterdam 🙂 maybe i start it next time i be there.

    Love the blog

    warm regards to every one.


  2. ifat says:

    dont know why but this video gave me goose bumps (that's how you spell it?) i guess it's moving to see a lot of people in a happy state of mind. i'm still smiling

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