Tales from a Son-Rise Program Child Facilitator – the meeting of my first Son-Rise Program family

So I went to meet Robert. The first thing that struck me and will stay with me forever was Anna (Roberts Mom’s) passion, excitement and apparent joy for her Son (could it be that she was actually happy about the fact that her son was Autistic?), at that time, I had no idea that you could choose how you felt and I was inspired by her attitude which I later came to learn was the basis of The Son-Rise Program.

She was amazing with him. She celebrated him, delighted in him, she was goofy and funny and sweet. He was unique, intelligent and very talented. He could stacks blocks really high with each one balanced in a specific position. When I tried to replicate that, they would tumble to the ground.

One of his Autism Symptoms was an amazing memory, he would recite whole scenes from movies and knew all kinds of shapes, such as a Trapezoid that I had never heard of. The difference was that I was in my twenties and he was only four years old!

Anna gave me a book called Son-Rise the Miracle of Love, which I read in between my first few sessions and absolutely loved. It documented the story of how The Son-Rise Program was invented by parents of a severely autistic child. His Mother worked with him in a one to one environment by joining him in his world and inspiring him to join her world. I knew at this point I had begun a very special journey of hope and Help for Autism.

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