Tales from a Son-Rise Program Child Facilitator – falling in love

When I first started working in The Son-Rise Program playroom with Robert, the idea was to work with him one to one, follow his lead and connect with him by joining in his world when he was exclusive and celebrating his attempts to connect with me. That would be the basis to help him build relationships in his life. This was all done through play which was so much fun!

I was completely in love. I was in love with Robert, I was in love with his Mom, I was in love with The Son-Rise Program. Everything about it felt right to me. It was the most loving and respectful way to work with Autism that I knew out of other Autism Treatments I had researched.

After my first few sessions with Robert and after watching Karen Spellman (a Son-Rise Program Child Facilitator) working in the playroom with him, I was hooked. I immediately left my college course and focused on doing six hours a week as a volunteer in Robert’s program.

At the time, I also worked two other jobs but Robert was my priority, I wanted more. I attended the Start-Up Program in 2000 where Raun Kaufman and William Hogan were two of the teachers. Once again I was so inspired, that I dreamt of going to America and training to be a Son-Rise Program Child Facilitator.

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