Tales from a Son-Rise Program Child Facilitator – my world in a playroom

It was time for one of my volunteer playroom sessions in The Son-Rise Program, and having come straight from work, I wasn’t wearing appropriate playroom clothes. I asked Anna if I could borrow an old T-Shirt for my session. At the time she was running the program at her parent’s house so she leant me one of her Mom’s T-Shirts to wear.

During my session, Robert had been drawing with a marker and ended up coming over to me and starting to draw on the T-Shirt that I was wearing. I had not yet practiced my boundary setting skills so instead of asking him not to draw on me, I just became very uncomfortable about the whole thing.

Later when Anna gave me feedback and asked me how I felt when he was drawing on my T-Shirt, I told her that I was uncomfortable because I was worried about what she and her Mom would think about the fact that there was pen on the top that she had leant me.

This lead to a dialogue about why I was worrying about what she thought. That’s when I had my first huge light bulb moment during playroom feedback. I worried about what EVERYONE thought in my life so much so, that I was ruled by going out of my way to “keep people happy“ and fear of being judged.

I realized at that moment that the playroom is like a mini world. What happens in the playroom is a reflection of what happens outside the room. How I react and feel in the playroom is how I react and feel in a similar situation outside of the room and in my life.

Wow! By actually exploring and changing the way I feel in the playroom, I can change my discomforts in my life. This was the beginning in a shift in my attitude.

Here I am 10 years later, still playing in The Son-Rise Program playroom and to this day, I find myself discovering new things about the way I operate in the world through my playroom sessions. It never ends, it’s incredible! The more I deepen my love and attitude in the playroom, also translates into my world outside the playroom. That’s why it’s the best place in the world.

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