“Autism Is Awesome, Mom”

Please read this exchange from my facebook wall — Wow!!

Yen K.O.

Dear Bears, something I want to share with you. Lately, as I’ve been thinking that I’m a victim of all this craziness, my son who still struggles socially, sat beside me silently, put his arm around me just like that for 5-10 minutes. His choice of consoling me was amazing and really working. And when I lied down on the bed, still feeling low, he just played by himself, checking on me from time to time with his smile. I am blown away. This boy is already living life the Option Process way. He chooses to use his happiness to comfort me. I was bitter and negative at him, and he still smiled at me, no judgment, just total acceptance of me. It’s like he’s the teacher, he’s teaching me in his own way about happiness. And you know what else? When I feel sad, he takes out a book, hands it to me and reads out loud “Happiness is a choice by Barry Neil Kaufman.” never my other books, always this book. And he often blurts out “Autism is awesome, mom!”, just like that, out of nowhere. Amazing!

Bears Barry Neil Kaufman at 8:23pm

Wow! You son is your teacher…and when he says: “Autism is awesome, mom” — well, it just takes my breath away. Yen K., you are so, so blessed. And we all are blessed as well because of your sharing. Hey, and do I ever love his choice of favorite reading material. Smiles and love, Bears

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