Autism is Curable.

The following is an exchange that recently took place on my Facebook page (find me by searching for “Bears Barry Neil Kaufman”). Please read and enjoy!

Autism is curable. Autism is curable. Autism is curable. I always wonder why some people get indigestion when we say what we know. Rather than believe in what can’t be done, we can choose to believe in what can be done. Naysayers never change the world. The past doesn’t predict the future unless you believe in the past. Autism doesn’t have to be a life sentence. The Son-Rise Program for Autism. Love, Bears

Ruthie wrote:
“sounds interesting”

Julie wrote:
“interesting doesn’t begin to cover it. it’s life changing for your whole family”

Martha wrote:
“There IS a cure for autism! Keep on talking, Bears!”

Lorna wrote:
“If you don’t BELIEVE it…you will never take the steps to make it happen. BELIEVE IT.”

Anneliese wrote:
“I believe you Bears!!! Yes Autism is curable and the Son Rise program will help me help my son!!!”

Cindy wrote:
“Part of the “cure” (in my opinion) is helping the people who are around autistic people to NOT treat the autistic people like they are “wrong”. Once autistic people get to be in a society that accepts their “non neurotypical” personality without judgment or fear – – it helps to encourage them to want to be a part of our world.”

Avak wrote:
“we are coming to ATCA in mid June to do Start Up, however what we have learnt from your website, a DVD and a book, we have seen great change in our son Nicholas, YES Autism is curable!!! Remember to LIVE WITH PASSION! PS: The past does not equal the future… xoxoxoxoxoxox”

Isabl wrote:
“thank you for your words it gives people hope and without hop there is nothing and as you said there is a cure just BELIEVE there is one…….”

Lynn wrote:
“Whether the terminology is “cured”, “re mediated” “indistinguishable from peers” or whatever you want to call it, sonrise and other relationship based therapies are paving the way for parents to really help their children be the best they can be. Furthermore, the term “cure” is simply another belief and can mean whatever one wants it to mean.”

Stacey wrote:
“Thank You!!!!”

Jeannie wrote:
“YES! Naysayers never change the world–People who are Forces of Nature change the world!!!”

Joan wrote:
“Yes, Autism is curable ………thank you for writing that…”

Karen wrote:
“I believe. There’s no sign of it happening for my boy – YET, – but I still believe it’s possible, even if it may not happen for Ruari. I’ll never give up on my sons potential.”

Dawn wrote:
“Lets celebrate the term ‘cure’, I for one believe its possible.”

Alison wrote:
“Raun is the evidence of a cure – in person. Go meet him – he is the most cured ex-autistic person I know. Try looking in his eyes and say a cure is not possible – you couldn’t do it.”

Laura wrote:
“I have met too many children COMPLETELY CURED to disagree with this status! Whether my daughter will join them, I do not yet know, but I press on and shoot for the moon, even if I miss, I end up in the stars. It hardly matters anyway… we have our miracle, I had a CONVERSATION tonight with my daughter. The one who would never have meaningful language. YAY”

Ethel wrote:
“The Son-Rise program is so interesting and I have learned so much from Becky. Children are our future and we need to believe in them and not give up whether they have Autism or something else, I love the positive attitude!”

Russell wrote:
“It should also be called ‘parents of autistic children will find themselves program’! My son taught me more than I can ever teach him. What a trip!”

Poppy wrote:
“indeed it is!”

Alison wrote:
“I really needed that today after a particularly stressful meeting. Thank you xxx”

Darlene wrote:
“Our belief systems are so important. Bears, if your family believed everything the doctors told you about Raun, he would not have been cured. You believed he could be cured and he was as well as many others that the Son-Rise program has helped. Time well spent, often gives great results. Thanks for investing time in very cool kids and sharing what you know with others.”

Dolores wrote:
“Wondering if it would work for the mentally handicapped.”

Jackline wrote:
“Autism is curable. Thank you Bears, thank you Samahria. Thank you for taking that big step that allows me to dream, to want, to reach for heights everyone’s assuring me are hard to catch. I don’t believe them, I may be slow but I’m sure. I will get there. I’ll run a Son-Rise program for my Antonio. I know I will in the end. Blessings and keep spreading hope!”

And I wrote:
“THANK YOU all for being so thoughtful and responsive. These kinds of dialogues and discussions are important for all of us — questioning pessimism and adopting more hopeful optimistic perspectives. Love, Bears”

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