Big Mountains to Climb

A note from Julie:
OK! ! need some love:
My husband is in the army, he was deployed last year, and has been here & gone quite a bit over the last few months… my daughter (5) is a daddy’s girl (so was i) and each time he leaves, she gets very anxious. and the old isms come back. I think she fears he won’t come back. Each time he does, he brings them a small gift, so hopefully they’ll think about their little goodie rather than that he’s gone. we’re trying to work through it, but i also have a little guy (3) and I’m spread very thin. It’s a difficult balance…

I have only one volunteer right now, and she helps occupy my little guy so i can work with my daughter… so, I’m a little overwhelmed lately.

Please send some love and a few “E’s” my way…. i could use them.

A message from Bears:
Julie: Some of us have little mountains to climb; some of us have big ones to climb. The benevolent universe never gives us more than we can handle. So, if you got some big ones, it’s because you are “big” inside — and you can find the way. Yes, sometimes we feel overwhelmed…yes, I understand only one volunteer for your Son-Rise Program is a huge challenge and your husband, bless him, just visiting from military deployment on limited leaves is surely another big challenge…but that’s not about our circumstances; it’s about how we embrace them (or resist them). Imagine a universe that we can never quite understand with our small and sweet brains…but, nevertheless, a universe that operates with an intentionality to support us and to love us (even when it doesn’t seem so). We could call that trust or faith. So, close you eyes and decide to open them with a new perspective. And then rather than “need” love from the outside, bless yourself with love from the inside. Love, Bears

A message back from Julie:
Thank you again for helping me re-evaluate the situation. sometimes it takes another person’s guidance & insight to open your eyes again. I may me in an unfamiliar place, with no family around me, but there is a handful of people I’ve met through my daughter that care deeply… and I need to appreciate THEM instead of dwell on who’s NOT here…. and to be my own force of nature.
Thank you, bears, and thanks again for leaving me in a puddle of tears 🙂


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  1. Josha says:

    Hurray for Julie who is an inspiring force for her daughter and her son!

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