Loving Kindness

Good Morning to each and everyone of you amazing and most lovely people!

I am reading a book about Dipa Ma, who was one of the first women Buddhist masters. She believed that women are “better” at meditating than men, as they are more emotional and therefore have more flexible minds. Being a woman myself I can’t help but agree.

She was known for her deep and overflowing ability to really love another person, and spoke a lot about having “loving kindness”, not only towards other people but towards yourself.

Again this reminds me of The Son-Rise Program, and all you wonderful parents out their loving and being so kind and thoughtful towards their Autistic children.

The Son-Rise Program Principles, of being User Friendly, and Joining your autistic child’s repetitious behaviours and isms, is Loving kindness in action.

Today I am going to practise loving Kindness not only with everyone I meet today, but with myself. Anyone want to join me in practising Loving Kindness towards themselves today, no matter what????
Let me know, there is strength in numbers.
loving you

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