New Frontiers!

Hi Everyone,
What a beautiful morning it is this morning!
I feel blessed to be here at the Son-Rise house amongst my co workers, I can hear them chatting away, changing lives and laughing.

I have been to London, to see the queen, not quite but very nearly. William Hogan and I taught, New Frontiers to 170 parents and professionals, New Frontiers is our advanced Son-Rise Program for people who have already taken our Start Up Program.
We walked to the hall each day by the river past The Tower of London, a beautiful way to center ourselves before we taught.

What a week it was! There were 114 children represented in the room.
A few tales of the delightfulness of the children represented.

One child’s ism was tiding,he loved to keep the house in order, everything had its place, and he even liked to tidy up people. If their collar was crooked he would straighten it, if their buttons were undone he would do them up, and if they had a piece of lint on their clothing he would dust it off. How great is that ism!!
Another child would like to play with the skin on the back of someones hand, squishing it around.

One child who was highly verbal had taken so well to his Son-Rise playroom that he renamed it his, “Happy room”, and tells his family and volunteers that it is a place where you go to explore and investigate yourself and the world.

How right he is.

Open your heart to the beauty that your day has to offer you.
with love to each of you!!

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