No matter what, change is possible.

Good Morning!!!

This week at the Son-Rise Program Intensive we have a 32 year old man who has Autism. He is here with his Mom, Aunt and a fabulous volunteer.

He loves clicking his pen, dancing, and looking at magazines, especially about food.
He has been here just for two days now, and already we are seeing changes, he is much calmer and more relaxed, and tells us , “I am happy , in this room, I am happy”.

He played a baseball game with his Mom yesterday that lasted 7 minutes. During that time, he took turns, answered questions, and even wrote a tick under his name each time he hit the ball. 7 minutes was an incredible achievement for this man who before has only interacted in another persons game for no more that 2 minutes.


No matter how old you are, or who you have been before, it is possible to change. This is an underlying belief of The Son-Rise Program, here at The Autism Treatment Center of America, we believe every child with autism, whatever their diagnosis or their age has The possibility to change and grow.

We have the pleasure of this families company for the next two weeks, so I will keep you informed of what he gets up to.

With love to each of you.

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