One Mom to Another!

Dear Sweet People:

Two people, among hundreds, talking to each other on my Facebook wall… wow!

Tey Siew Zing:
Hi, many thanks for sending me the Inspirational DVD & Son-Rise Program Catalog which i request through web. Its mean very much to me which i can’t explain it by words. Thank you very much. I had received its while i am very blue and i don’t know what to do, where to go in order to help my son. I feel like the whole world suddenly change when doctor told me that your son is at mild stage of autism and relatives telling me that your son is abnormal, he need to attend special school instead of normal school. Adding that when normal kindergarten principle rejected him as a student. These ready make me feel down & hopeless. The received of DVD & catalogs make me feel very much better and from that moment, i feel that i am not alone here even far from US also willing to giving me some helps. Thank you for your helping hands. I had follow the giving tips and its ready work. Now my son had better eye contact and he is much more closer to us. Hope can attend the son rise program in Malaysia

Yen kie (Lucy):
Hi Siew Zing, I’m from Indonesia. I, too, just discovered Son-Rise early this year. It’s amazing how simple yet effective the Son-Rise principles are. Let’s do this together. True, we are very far from the US (I hope to attend all programs too, one day), but for now, we can join the message boards in ATCA, watch the webinars, get phone … Read More consultations, read Bears’ books. Highly recommend “Son-Rise: The Miracle Continues”, “A miracle To Believe In”, “Happiness Is A Choice” and “To Love Is To Be Happy With”, to name a few. My journey has just begun, but I’ve started to get a better perception and attitude toward my son’s autism. Many thanks, Bears. Love you, love Option, love Son Rise!!!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    hope you can help families who can not attend son rise program in US.people who can not afford the costly trip from asian countrys.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Siew Zing, is there a Son Rise Program in Malaysia already? There's a facebook group called The Son-Rise Program Parents Singapore in case you're keen to join. A group of parents & volunteers who want to bring awareness of SRP to other parents here and maybe one day bring Son-Rise Startup to this part of the world.

    If there's something going on in Malaysia already, maybe both countries can join effort.

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