Recovered from Autism After 17 Weeks of The Son-Rise Program

I just received the following message through my Facebook page. It is absolutely amazing!


I have just returned from The Son-Rise Program® New Frontiers last week in London. It was fantastic I feel so ready and motivated to enhance my program. I was telling William about my son Lorcan’s diagnosis. On November he was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and also Learning difficulties. I attend start up in London January 2009 ( I love Bryn, she is fabulous) and to my amazement on the 22nd April 2009, Lorcan was reassessed and now no longer fulfills the criteria for Autism. If I can achieve this in just 17 weeks of intensive Son-Rise Program therapy, I can achieve anything. So, thank you all so much…. Read More

Love Shauna and William


Wow…Shauna: First, thanks for your gracious words…and then, most awesome, is what you have accomplished using The Son-Rise Program in 17 weeks is just off the charts in terms of wonderful!!! Everyone has to know what can be accomplished. Bears

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