Tales from a Son-Rise Child Facilitator – the universe lead me to The Son-Rise Program

It was a hot summers day and I was in my Grandmothers garden with my Grandparents, my Brother, my great aunt and some of my cousins. I was talking to them about my teacher training course and how I was interested in working with children with special needs eventually. My Grandmother happened to mention an article she had just read in one of the leading British newspapers.

She showed me the article and it was about a boy who was autistic and how his family were doing a home based therapy for him and it was from America. Apparently this therapy had helped this little boy tremendously and his Mother was being interviewed about different things he has achieved since they started the program.

A couple of months later while volunteering in Robert’s Son-Rise Program ,His Mom, Anna was telling me that she was once in the paper doing an interview about Robert and about The Son-Rise Program. She showed me the article and it was none other than the very same article my Grandma had shown me a couple of months earlier when I had never heard about The Son-Rise Program and here I was, volunteering in that same program. I knew right then and there that this had to be one of those “meant to be” moments.

I have heard many unique stories about how people discovered The Son-Rise Program, I would love to know your story too!

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