Another Game idea

Goal: Interactive Attention Span.

Child’s motivation: logo’s and tiny things.
1. You photo copy a bunch of car logo’s, TV logo’s etc so that you can make them really really tiny. 
2. Then you hide them around the room, eg sticking them on the table, on the window ledge, or on the floor. 
3. You explain to your child that you have hidden really tiny logo’s around the room and that you and her are going to find them together. Start the game by finding two first, so that she gets to see what she could find. For fun you can use a magnifying glass and wear detective hats:)
The idea is to have fun finding them together and stay in one interactive game as long as possible. If she goes to ism, join her, when you get a green light go back to the game again. (For those of you who are not sure what an ism is, or what joining is follow this link to one of our online video’s that will explain it to you.)
Alternative versions.
Put the tiny logo’s in a book, and you and your child have to find the logo on each page. It’s a bit like the book “Finding Wally” except you are finding logo’s.
Hide the tiny logos on your body, for example you could stick one on your toe, or in your hair, and put one in your pocket.

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