Beauty in Joining

Hullo wonderful friends!

I want to share an beautiful experience I had in the playroom today. The past two weeks our staff here have been lucky enough to work with the most incredible 32 year old man. His mum (a true Force of Nature!) is committed to starting a Son-Rise Program for him, still seeing hope and joy in the potential of her son. Isn’t it amazing – hope springs eternal when we decide to look for it!

Well, today I had joined this new friend of mine for over an hour, fascinatedly watching sand timers turn over and over, listening to the trickle of sand running through… and suddenly he sits up, looks right in my eyes and tells me, “I never want to leave here. I am so happy.”

This wonderful, sweet 32 year old, experiencing being joined for nearly the first time in his life, was opening up and experiencing true acceptance and I was the fortunate one to share this precious moment with him. Thank you, my friend.

There is nothing more powerful, more giving, more loving than when we truly give ourselves over to the acceptance and beauty of joining our special friends’ activities. And I truly believe that it is in these moments of silent connection that we open the doorway for them to move mountains.

Playroom smiles,


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