Belief and Hope

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This video has inspired me so much! Every time I do something that is difficult for myself and have the urge to give up trying, I think of this man and it helps me to push through my walls.
If he can surf, then surely I can hold my arms above my head in a yoga pose for longer than I think I can!!!

I think of what he said about being 8 years old and having no hope or belief in himself, and cannot help but think that if his parents had run a Son-Rise Program for him when he was younger he would have been surrounded my people who believed that he could do anything that he wanted to do, and helped him believe that too.

Here in The Son-Rise Program, not only do we think it is important that we as parents and therapists believe in the limitless possibilities for our children on The Autism Spectrum, but we think it is important that our children also believe in themselves.

When it comes down to it belief and hope are the two most important ingredients in all learning and all growth.

I think to myself, how am I going to finish, I guess that is up to me and me alone.

Love to all of you who are reading this!

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