Congratulations: Jade Hogan

Congratulations: Jade Hogan

Congratulations: Bryn & William Hogan

Very Personal/Very Awesome: Our granddaughter, Jade (Bryn & William’s child), who had been in a 5 yr. Son-Rise Program – and then went to a normal elementary school, graduated last night from the 6th. grade…and was one of 4 students to be honored with the Presidential Award for Outstanding Scholarship. She was so, so delighted. Hurrah for Jade, Bryn & William. Hurrah for the Son-Rise Program.

Love, Bears and Samahria Kaufman

This was my post this morning on Facebook – this was the total amount of space allowed. But what I want to add for all of you and those others you share this with … is a standing ovation to Bryn and William who directed an intense, profoundly loving, 7-day-a-week (every day) Son-Rise Program for 5 years….with the help of many volunteers (many who had been on the staff at the time – for example, Kate was an extraordinarily huge part of that program as was others). To Bryn and William, we are deeply moved for what you did with your daughter. And her graduation last night was her achievement but it could never have happened without your dedication, enthusiasm, profound level of excellence in what you did with and for Jade for those years (and the dedication shown by her Godmother – amazing Katie Wilde).

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