Fun Creator!

The Son Rise Program playroom is one of the places where I feel truly alive. I can do anything in the playroom! The best part of this is, the more fun I have, the more fun I believe the children have. This was demonstrated to me very well yesterday.

I was joining this amazing young man (he is 18 and the size of an American football player). He began a new ism, by rocking on his feet, touching the mirror and then sitting down. I threw my 3E’s (Energy, Excitement and Enthusiasm) into joining and I laughed as I touched the mirror and ran to sit down. He looked over and smiled. I began building a game by racing myself. I jumped up, ran to the mirror touched it, ran back over to my seat on the floor and slid into it like home plate (For those of you who don’t know me I’m 5 months pregnant, and I’ve never felt better). The beautiful man laughed and started racing with me. We both started running across a 6 foot space touching a mirror and sliding into the floor.

I turned it into a dance game where I was rockin’ and groovin’. This man supported me by laughing and saying “don” for dance of course! It was so much fun. I know that I can create whatever experience I want for myself, and I love to be a FUN creator!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    aye all it takes is effort and they always respond – truly genius -the lost art of real play – wow

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