Game Idea

A Game to play with your child.

A new version of hot or cold.

Goal: To help your child read facile expressions of others.


1. Hide something of interest in the room you are working with your child. If your child likes sharks you could hide a picture of a shark, if your child likes rhymes and riddles you could hide a riddle, if your child likes Aliens you could hide an little Alien figurine. The idea is to think about what your child may be motivated to find.
2. Explain to your child that you have hidden something in the room ( name the thing you have hidden) and that he/she is to look at your face to see if he is near the thing or not.

2.When he is near the object you will nod your head and smile in encouragement, when he is moving away from the object you will shake your head and have a frown face on.

3.If you want him to freeze and not move you will just keep your head still and face neutral.

The bonus goal you get from this game is lengthening your child duration of eye contact.

Then you can have your child hide something for you and he/she has to nod and shake his head for you.

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  1. maah - says:

    Hello. I'm from Brazil. I watched the movie: 'My son, my word.' Excellent. Congratulations for the work of you.
    Sorry my english. =(

  2. maah - says:

    Hello. I'm from Brazil. Sorry my englis. my teacher Spoke about the film: 'My son, my word.' and I watched. Congratulations for the work. Kisses

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