I Can Stop Judging My Son

Hi Bears,

I would like to be your friend. Your have helped me to not judge myself.

Now when I return home from The Son-Rise Program: New Frontiers at the Autism Treatment Center of America this Friday, I can stop judging my son Nathanael. When I feel alone and have no support and no one who I can turn to about Autism I will remember what you said Monday. You had 0% support and created the very first Son-Rise Program. Then gave us your beautiful books and built the amazing place the Autism Treatment Center of America. Thank-You for such a Blessed Gift. I prayed for so long. It’s so cool when God answers your prayers. It has changed my life in the best way possible. Now I can understand how Nathanael see’s the world because of you and you amazing family. Thank-You for the honor to say I know you and learned from you in person. Since Nathanael loves giving Valentines when we get in the play room we are going to make you another Valentine, and mail it to you. It was so neat when you came over to me and let me share “If you can’t believe your partner can change how can you believe you can change.” I now believe I can start to begin working on changing my old beliefs into positive ones to have a better quality of life for Nathanael and our entire family. Thank-You.

Big Hugs

Karen Holmes

Hi, Karen:

You are a “pistol”. Lots of life, lots of energy, lot of light in your eyes — I have so enjoyed having you in the New Frontiers program…and so appreciate the love and kindness you express. Your note above just so touched me. Thank you for your kind words.

Love, Bears

Hi Bears,

I really enjoyed The Son-Rise Program: New Frontiers and would need courage and strength to be ready for Son-Rise Wide Awake. Thank-You for giving me tools to use in Nathaniel’s playroom .Inspiring Growth is so valuable having specific goals and using the Developmental Model to focus on the four fundamentals. My Son-Rise Program Manual is so valuable to me that anyone who asks why I hold on to it so tightly my response is this is the way you can get your own. Watching “I Want My Little Boy Back” the manual is my Bible only when you experience The Son-Rise Program Process. Thank-You again and again for making time to work on me for questioning my belief’s and to make it so clear your attitude is required to be present with your child in the play room and The Option Process Principles you have made it easy. Well now to get to work in the play room 3 E’s.Tell Bryn Thank-You for making is possible for me to finally attend New Frontiers Terry told me it was Bryn’s decision that made this week possible for me. It was the Best Memorial week I have ever had.

Love Karen

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