The Importance of Happiness!

Wonderful friends!

I want to share with you some beautiful realizations I have had regarding the importance of choosing happiness when we want to help our autistic children, both in and out of the playroom. Our autism strategies and techniques are so powerful and important, but being grounded in a totally loving, happy, non-judgmental attitude is THE key part of The Sob-Rise Program. Why? Well…

1) When I am totally happy and non-judgmental I am the open, loving version of myself. Not only do I then make it so easy to connect deeply with the child (since I do not distract myself with judgments and depressions), but I also open myself up for them to connect to me – aren’t we all drawn to happy, loving people?

2) When I am choosing happiness I am modelling a wonderful way to be in the world. If a special child opens up and sees me, totally happy, totally loving, I always have this wonderful image of them saying “Wow, I could do with some of that!”. I can get fully behind inviting them into my world, knowing that it is such a wonderful place to be!

3) By choosing happiness in every moment in the playroom I am totally unattached to outcomes. I do not make my good feelings dependent upon the child performing in any particular way. I can request anything from a special child, fully believing they will respond, yet putting no emotional weight on the result… And believe me, I have seen time and time again that the moment you take the pressure off is in when these amazing children really take flight!

Have a beautiful day everyone – it’s a choice!

Jack =D

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