Love With Abandonment

Today is a great day, my niece is 8 today, she is a lovely lively chatty and completely delightful lady who is a shinning example of giving gratitude and loving without restraint.

Today I wake up to a very early morning call (she lives in England, America is 5 hours behind English time!), I picked up the phone and have to hold it away from my ear, as my jubilant niece shrieks, “Mum let me open your present, and I ‘m wearing it, I LOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE IT, and I love you Auntie Katie.”

So open she is with her love, knowing her if i was there in her presence she would also be hugging and kissing me and twirling around dancing.

What a treat it is when someone loves you with no restraint, and what a treat it is to all our senses when we allow ourselves to love with an open heart and open arms with abandonment.

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