Parenting – Useful Perspective

Last night Bryn and I were having dinner with Jade and Malik and we had a great conversation about dying. Jade and Malik had just come back from working at a local stables that works with special children and adults. It is a wonderful place where the horses, having been rescued from in-humane conditions, are give wonderful work, the opportunity to play and be loved by all who go there. Yesterday one of the horses who had been there for many years had to be put down due to old age and the challenges she was having.

During dinner we talked about how wonderful it was for the horse to be surrounded by people who loved her as she died. We then talked about what we wanted for when we die and the fact that we will all die at some point. We talked about how great Buddhist master can choose exactly when they are going to die and about the deaths that Bryn and I have been at. Both Jade, 13yrs old, and Malik, 12 yrs old, openly listened, asked questions, and participated easily and comfortable in the conversation.

I feel blessed to be able to sit and talk to them about such a topic, a topic that can be looked at with such fear and aversion. It was wonderful to be able to offer them a perspective that will help them navigate this situation that will come up in their life in many different ways. I love this aspect of parenting.

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