To all the Parents

This week is our Start Up program week and we have soo many people here. I am so excited for each and every one of the parents and professionals who are able to make it here. I love seeing the change in the parents over the week from excitement and curiosity to excitement and empowerment as they learn everything they need to make a huge difference for their special child in one week.

What I love about the Son Rise program is how much power we give the parents. So many people out there think that only “experts” can work with and provide help for children with autism, when in fact who knows more about these inspiring people than the parents? Then when you work one on one and give yourself over to the moment you can see so much more as well. One beautiful woman told me recently at a Start- Up that she learned more about her child in one half hour of joining than she felt like she had in his previous 5 years.

Parents, you are my heros! You, the people who put in the effort day in and day out to help the ones you love. I love doing Son Rise because I love these kids and also because I love helping the parents who inspire me daily. Thank you!

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