Together We Are Stronger.

To all Son-Rise Program Parents,

Today as you enter your playrooms to work with your children, remember that you are not alone.

As you celebrate your child today for looking into your eyes, there will be other parents doing the same thing, it Italy, England, Ireland, Africa, Brazil, Australia and France.

As you join your child in their ism, we here at the Autism Treatment Center of America in Sheffield MA, will be joining an 18 year old autistic Teenager as he bangs his hand against the wall, and rocks back and forth as he winks his eyes.

All of us united in our intention to put love and acceptance first, and believe in the limitless possibilities for our children.

As you think of all the Son-Rise Parents and Son-Rise Program Facilitators and teachers around the world, take energy from the collective and step into your playrooms stronger than before.

with love to you all!

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