Assumptions people make about our children.

There are so many assumptions that people make about autistic children.

One is that when an autistic child hits, people assume they’re either “aggressive”, “frustrated”, or “mad”.

This week at the Son-Rise Program Intensive, we have a lovely 6-year-old boy with Autism. He’s been slapping us – not because he is any of the things I just mentioned – but because it is his way of letting us know he wants to play.

Now that we know this, we have simply been asking him to use his words instead – and he has been telling us words instead of hitting us!

When we don’t assume what our children are feeling, but instead look at the circumstances around what they are doing, we learn so much about them and can therefore help them get what they want more effectively

Love to all of you who read this

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  1. Tracey says:

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