Beauty in Acceptance

Hullo again,

Here is a little song I wrote that I would love to share… I wrote this after joining a child for nearly 2 solid hours. Such a beautiful experience, and a lesson to see beauty in everything.

Speaking with Angels

You sit and gaze at nothing
Where others sit and play.
You rock yourself so gently,
You hum your world away.
You shy from other’s chatter,
Speak words we cannot hear;
But how do we know that angels
Do not whisper in your ear?

In your own sweet way you try
To tell us all you know:
Of the world and all its beauty,
Of the ways that love can show.
The things we have no time for
You remind us how to see,
As if you were an angel
Sent down to carry me.

‘Though others call you different
And cannot hear your song,
And your quirks we label stubborn
And we say that you are wrong;
I know that in your silence
and your stillness I can trust –
For the peace of the angels
Is your gift to us.

With love,
Jack xxx

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