Celebrate, Come on Let’s Celebrate.

Today, let’s take one of the Son-Rise Program Principles we apply every day to our children and apply it to ourselves! How about celebrations? We celebrate our children when they look into our eyes, when they reach out and hold our hands, when they talk to us and interact with us.

When I look at the children in my life, my heart swells with love and appreciation for who they are. What if every time we looked at ourselves in the mirror we did the same towards OURSELVES.
Celebrate yourselves today and bring more sweetness, joy and energy into your lives.
Take it a step further and update your face book status with one strong celebration of who you are today.

Go on I dare you! Let’s show the world the power of loving yourself.

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  1. Kate, I really like this one! What a beautiful idea. The next time I look in the mirror I'm going to do a big cheer spelling out my name.

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