Enjoying another Person – Bigger than Speaking

This week we have a family from french speaking Canada attending our one week Son-Rise Program Intensive. Their child, a wonderful 6 year old girl with autism, is verbal and speaks french so we work with her using a translator. At lunch times the translator will take a break leaving us to facilitate with the young girl without language translation.

This always happens when we have a non-english speaking child and what always amazes me and is beautiful to see, is how the caring, the love and the ability to interact is not hindered by not knowing each others language. The ability to enjoy another person, to love them and care for them does not require us to be able to speak their language or for them to speak our language (this also applies to “not yet verbal” children). No matter what, I can always show and inspire children and adults, on the autism spectrum, the joys of interacting and socializing with another person.

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