Language and Interaction

When we have a child who is on the Autism Spectrum who does not yet form words, (in a way that we can understand them), it is easy to think if only he could talk then all will fall into place, or verbal communication is his only challenge.

However I know lots of children on the Autism Spectrum who can talk, say long sentences, recite books and DVD verbatim. Some who can speak for 15 minutes or more at a time. However they are talking mainly to themselves.

These children are no more or no less Autistic that those who are yet to form words.

Autism is not a language disorder it is an interactive disorder, that is why the Son-Rise Program Developmental model;
is so powerful.

It address the most important part of social interaction, the fundamentals of eye contact, communication , interactive attention span and flexibility work hand in hand with one another to help an Autistic child take the important steps towards successful social interaction.

If you want to help your child verbally communication, work on eye contact so that they can see how you form your mouth to form certain words. So that they can see that you are talking to them.

If you want to help your child verbally communicate, work on helping your child have a longer attention span. The longer they interact with you the more chances you will have to inspire them to want to talk.

If you want to help your child verbally communicate, help your child with their flexibility, the less rigid they are the more they will experience, the more open they will be to your language requests.

Each fundamental helps another fundamental grow.

If you have not already download the model from the link above, feel free to leave a comment or a question.

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