Optimal self trust – Hearing your inner voice

I just spoke with a wonderful Son-Rise Program family – a mom who is full of 3Es and excitement for everything her son is doing.
…from barely speaking to having mini conversations and asking “Why?” all the time – from barely smiling to smiling and laughing all the time…
..from a small attention span to a great desire to play with his volunteers…
…from isming exclusively on his figurines to now telling his parents and volunteers stories about the figurines – he’s made his own exclusive activity into something that is now interactive!

As she listed the changes they’ve seen in their son, I could hear the pure joy in her voice – it was so beautiful to hear.

And yet, as we talked, she shared with me that she has really started to doubt herself – because the school authority in her area has begun questioning her decision to have her son at home. They are saying “it won’t be useful for him” – that “she doesn’t know what she’s doing” – and that “his changes can all be attributed to the natural result of him getting older”. They aren’t giving credit to the work she and her team have done at home.

So now, she’s starting to doubt herself.

Isn’t it amazing what we do? At first, we see so much evidence of our own power in the world – our child is changing in amazing ways and we think it’s because of what we’re doing. But, as soon as someone else tells us that we’re not powerful at all, we drop our own evidence and believe the other person. We stop listening to our own inner voice as soon as we think someone else might know better…

If no one ever listened to their inner voice, the world would still be flat, the planets would still revolve around the earth, and sticking leeches on our feet would still be the common cure for diseases… 🙂 Isn’t it time we start believing in what we see instead of what other people say is true? Isn’t it time we start listening to our own innner voice?

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