Relaxing with Resistance

The core of the Son-Rise Program is the attitude, in which a non-judgmental, accepting and loving attitude is the foundation of helping an autistic child learn to interact and socialize more consistently and deeply. To live a happier life is to be more non-judgmental, accepting and loving of who you are – no matter what. Developing this attitude, for ourselves or for our Son-Rise Program, requires an openness to looking at what we think (believe) and feel. As a Son-Rise Program Teacher I have seen trainees, parents and volunteers all be resistant to looking at their discomfort, there are times when I am resistant to looking at myself. It is at times like these that I stop and simply acknowledge and accept my resistance – “yes I am being resistant, I don’t want to face my discomfort and that’s OK, I don’t have to judge myself about this.” I start with accepting the fact that I am resistant (this is a form of unhappiness.) It is the best place to start – to relax with your resistance.

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  1. This post is awesome! This really helps me to accept my lack of acceptance!! Thanks for sharing.

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