Hey guys!

I have had a beautiful learning experience this week (isn’t it wonderful – no matter where we are with our experience, there is always more to learn), and it’s all to do with LOVE.

I know that when I go in the playroom, I totally love the children unconditionally – that I can create within myself that love in an instant, even if I have never met that child before. And I believe that this love helps me connect and desire to help every special person I play with.

Now here’s the interesting part… Why, if I can love the children unconditionally, do I not always give myself the same gift? I know I can love in an instant, with no attachments, so why do I not always love MYSELF in this way? I have looked at this, and I realise that I believe creating love for another person serves a purpose. So, as a Child Facilitator can I find a purpose in being self-loving when facilitating autism recovery?

This week I have conducted an experiment. Before going in the playroom I have set aside 10 minutes to create for myself the level of love I feel for the child and I enter the playroom feeling that love for the child AND myself. The result? My love for the child actually DEEPENS, since I have no needs for them to act in a particular way for me to feel great about myself. My celebrations come from an even deeper well of love and my entire experience in the playroom is one of connected, profoundly loving joy. Not bad huh?

Self-love really DOES serve a purpose. When we are loving of ourselves we grow and deepen every part of our ability to love others, and that is the true essence of The Son-Rise Program.

With love (for myself AND all of you!!)


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  1. judy says:

    Hey Jack,

    This is an awesome post!!! I will do the same experiment and will share with you what happens for me 🙂


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