Te amo!

Hola amigos!! This week we have an amazing little boy from Ecuador. I love knowing how all over the world people are going in the playroom at the same time I am. Think of how much love we are creating all across the globe!!! I feel especially blessed because at the moment I get to go in the playroom with my -10 week old daughter (I am 6 1/2 months pregnant.) Every day right before I go in the playroom I always do a little centering exercise for myself and lately I have been including her. I practice a silly face to work on my 3 E’s and then I channel in all my love up from the air down to my toes, and I make sure my baby is ready to love it up with me. Then we knock on the door and go in. I really feel that taking that moment to focus my love really jump starts my ability to connect and help these amazing special children see the beauty of my world. Chao!

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  1. Hey Katrina, Becky, Kate, and all the Intensive Staff at Autism Center of America, love all your comments on "the amazing little boy from Guayaquil, Ecuador" Hey guys, good news! He has just requested "dame uno mas" ("give me one more") of what he was eating. His first complete sentence! We've just finished our Family Intensive, yesterday!!!!!!The whole staff's amazing and we'll miss you so much! Lots of Love from Gonzalo, Ivonne, Arianna & Antonio Jose.

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