This weeks Intensive Child

Good afternoon!
This week at the Son-Rise Intensive Program we have a lovely 6 year old girl who is diagnosed to be on the Autism Spectrum.

Here at the Autism Treatment Center of America we love all special children no matter what, and to have girl is a special treat for us. With approximately three out of four autistic children being boys, we obviously see more boys that girls.

This girl is a super girl, being a true “girlie girl”, she ha dark ringletty hair, and has worn a little tutu on some days all day long. To top it all she speaks French!

One of her isms is to look at a book and then act out the characters, using very funny facile expressions and much passion, then she will stop for a moment and sing into a microphone and then hold it up to her ear to feel the vibrations.

We have all had such fun with her this week, and feel very blessed to have been in her very special and lovely presence.

Thank you!!

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